How to rip hardsubs?

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How to rip hardsubs?

Unread postby blaze077 » Thu Jan 28, 2016 8:56 pm

So I found a guide on ripping hardsubs recently and tried it out but it's not that effective and can only be used for the sub timings and often misses lines. For example, if the background kinda varies(different colors of lots of objects),then it doesn't detect most of the line and I need to write the whole line myself. And I know that I need to check the lines so it's perfectly fine but almost all lines are like this - half of the words in a sentence don't get detected. I use VideoSubFinder to create the text images, FineReader to OCR and make the sub file and use Aegisub to edit the subs. Plus, the program is very slow even though I have an i7-3770 and when I put it to high-priority. If there is any other way to do this or any way to improve this, then it would be great. Thank you.
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