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SubDroid - Android .ass editor

Unread postby knezmilos13 » Fri May 08, 2015 3:04 pm


I've registered on this forum to share a link for a very simple subtitling application for Android platform. I hope such a topic is allowed here (in Miscellanea). It is not related to Aegisub directly, but I'm sure that at least some of you might be interested in such a tool.


The application is called SubDroid. I've been translating a number of anime series from english to my maternal language and at some point I decided to develop this app so I could do some translating work during my daily commute to the university. I've never completed the app, but I made it somewhat usable for my needs. This was a few years ago and I've decided only recently, after opening a Google Play account because of another application, to share both the application and its code with anyone interested.

The application can be downloaded here: ... z.assdroid

And the code can be accessed here:

More screenshots:

What can you do using SubDroid?
You can load an .ass file, view and edit text in all lines, and view the timings, style names and actors. You CAN NOT add or delete subtitle lines, nor edit timings, styles, actors, etc. There is no video nor audio. Not much, but can still be useful. I've used it mostly to quality check my subtitles and make only minor modifications, a few other guys I've shared the app with used it to translate from english to their language (I prefer Aegisub for that).

I'm busy these days so I don't plan adding any large features or making any big modifications. I might accept requests if there are actually people who find SubDroid useful (because that makes me happy :D), possibly only a little bit at a time. If someone would also like to contribute code, that would be awesome, but let me know first. Because there is a slight problem with my code (available at bitbucket above) - I code in my maternal language. If there is somebody interested of contributing code, I might refactor the code into English.

Please let me know what you think! :)
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