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Circular text with fax

Unread postby Touka » Mon Jun 12, 2017 8:59 pm

Hello! Using circular text does not allow me to add the \ fax tag, is there a way to insert this fax tag? In the sense that when I activate the circular, even if I put the fax, it does not add

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T{\frz9.580\fsp-21.61}e{\frz7.049\fsp-20.86}r{\frz4.606\fsp-22.21}z{\frz2.005\fsp-16.35}o{\frz0.090\fsp-16.03} {\frz358.212\fsp-22.13}a{\frz355.620\fsp-22.00}n{\frz353.043\fsp-22.45}n{\frz350.413\fsp0.00}o

Do I have to add the fax manually to each letter? Or does a script exist for this?
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