Workflow question re cursor focus after commit (new user!)

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Workflow question re cursor focus after commit (new user!)

Unread postby leekb » Thu Apr 13, 2017 6:59 am


First time trying Aegisub for actual subtitling, so far it's great!

My only question is why is that after I commit a line with Enter, the cursor stays in the text entry area--ie focus do not return to the window so that keyboard shortcuts start working? My current workflow is:

Select start/end with mouse-->check with S shortcut-->tweak times with mouse-->check with S or D-->type sub text-->commit with Enter-->tab-->S to listen to new selection

Is there a way to return focus to the window after commit or am I doing it wrong? Perhaps I should go straight to setting the end time with the mouse before using any keyboard shortcuts? Or like I saw in a youtube video about Aegisub, not use it for transcription at all and instead do that in Notepad and only use Aegisub for timing? I'd really rather do everything in one step though!

Many thanks! Amazing project you have here. Thank a lot.

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Re: Workflow question re cursor focus after commit (new user

Unread postby jfs » Fri Apr 14, 2017 8:44 am

There isn't really anything built-in to do exactly what you're looking for, no.

What you can consider is trying out "Medusa Mode". It enables a set of global hotkeys that override even typing in the main text box. By default it has keybindings on the numpad, for playing and adjusting the audio selection, but you can customize it to use any keys. (In the Hotkeys settings, it's the group named "Always", despite those not always being available, only when the mode is turned on.)
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