For videos which have 60 or over fps

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For videos which have 60 or over fps

Unread postby Shanet » Thu Feb 09, 2017 4:57 pm

From the point of view, I just want to use this program with realized three places of decimals timing.

Other video editors or encoders on these days, now have three places of decimals timing, but Aegisub is not, only have two.

So when I finish to make subtitle with Aegisub and encode with another encode program, the timing of the subtitles are dislocated with about 0~1 frame(Most are normal but some are not, like mentioned above).

Exactly in Aegisub, all the timing of the subtitles are not be a problem, problem is occured with three places of decimals timing programs.

Well, Actually, it is not specially serious problem, not in videos have true for frames that are important. it's cumbersome to control the time to match to another encode programs.

Besides in present, there's already exist over 100fps videoes like 120fps game videoes. We can not make subtitles of these videos with Aegisub(Max 100fps). This is very serious.

Even though the last update of Aegisub is over 2 years ago, I would be very thankful if Aegisub team see this topic and implement about this fuction that I only want in this program.
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Re: For videos which have 60 or over fps

Unread postby jfs » Thu Feb 09, 2017 5:39 pm

The good news is that Aegisub already uses millisecond precision for times internally.

Unfortunately it does get rounded off to centisecond (1/100th second) precision for all UI operations. The native ASS and SSA formats are also specified for centisecond precision, and while I think there is some software that will read these out-of-spec files there wouldn't be any guarantee of support for those. So it would probably have to be a save or export option whether to write potentially-incompatible files with higher precision, or to stay compatible.

Of course other file formats with native millisecond precision (like SRT) would gain from full millisecond precision in the UI.

So there are three obstacles to millisecond precision support in Aegisub:
1) There's a very large number of places in the UI that need to change, to support better precision.
2) Files in ASS format can't support the change in full, and the reading/writing of the files would have to support an out-of-spec mode.
3) If the UI supports millisecond precision but the files written don't, there's a risk of confusion where you could consider that the program is "lying" to you about what is possible.
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