Feature request: Line's background colors

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Feature request: Line's background colors

Unread postby ababba2 » Tue Mar 29, 2016 3:14 pm

Hi guys.
I seen when I check the "Comment" checkbox that subs disappear and the commented line get a purple color as background.
I would like to ask if is possible to add a feature for set background colors without remove subtitle from the screen.
This could be useful in many way, for example:
- Blue backround: Sometime happens to leave the translations of some lines at the end of the script(for various reason). Setting a colred background (in this example it's the blue) will help find quickly this lines.
- Yellow background: When you're not sure of the translation (maybe for a word) and you wanna check better at the end
- Red background: For word games to check later
- Green background: Song's lyrics and karaoke

And so on. There could be many reasons why set different background to line's subs.
Since I'm a solo fansubber, this feature would help me a lot for translate quickly. Thank you.
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